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Tek and Kode is a blog launched in May 2023 by Konstantinos Kopanidis. The goal is for posts to be on the shorter end, so that you can get bite-size information.

The Author

I'm Konstantinos Kopanidis (Kostas for short), I am the Co-Founder of Quintessential SFT and the maker of Conduit Platform. I've been tech-geek since forever and I begun my Software engineering career in 2013. Either professionally or as a hobby I've dabbled with pretty much everything, from hardware engineering, networks and security to software development, DevOps, cloud and on-prem infrastructure. In the world of IT, it's impossible to be an expert at everything, and while I like some things more than others, I do have a good grasp of most IT topics/areas.

When not writing code, or creating system architectures, I mentor engineers, lead teams and run the day-to-day operations at Quintessential.

My links:

Github: kkopanidis (Konstantinos Kopanidis)
LinkedIn: Konstantinos Kopanidis | LinkedIn

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